I'm thrilled that you’re here and even considering us for your special day! I'm Lauren - the lead photographer at Natural Bliss! I tend to be on the quiet and reserved side….with just a hint of sarcasm (that naturally comes with the red hair!). I stray from small talk but love a good deep conversation and if you ask me about my dog, prepare to be there all day!

I’m a simple girl that dreams of building a home on a farm one day, loves a phone call with my Mom and if I could choose one other place to live, it’d be the Outer Banks!! In 2010, I met my husband, Ethan, on a blind date and his sweet southern gentleman charm won me over and we got married in June 2014.

I never imagined that Ethan and I would be working together much less that my career would be in photography! I was gifted my first “real camera” after high school and fell in love after just a few clicks! With zero business experience and a mustard seed size of faith, I started my business and have been blessed to photograph over 80 weddings since then!

When it comes to weddings, I’m inspired by soft pastel colors, elegant antiques, natural glowy light, and a couple that values their marriage more than their wedding.

Outside of photography, you can find me in an antique store or TJ maxx, snuggling my cats and dog, and trying out new restaurants with Ethan…but let’s be honest, our all-time favorite is Chick-fil-a!